Communication Breakdown

Issues with communication was one of the most common themes shared by Distance Family Members. Due to the distance, information almost entirely flowed through other family members who were local, including the caregiver and siblings. Distance Family Members expressed frustration with the delay of information, as well as ...


Palliative Care In Ontario

“Palliative care is aimed at relieving pain and suffering and improving the quality of life for people who are living with, or dying from, an advanced illness or are bereaved. Palliative care aims to meet not only physical need, but also the psychological, social, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient and ...


The Daughter From California

The “Daughter from California” is a categorization that emerged late in the secondary research, with the surfacing of two articles, “Distance Caregiving a Parent with Cancer” and “Lack of Communication and Control: Experiences of Distance Caregivers of Parents with Advanced Cancer,” led by Polly Mazanec, a PhD ...


Personal Pressures

It is not surprising that the weight of responsibility that distance family members feel towards their home life is both a significant consideration and a barrier to visiting their loved one in person. Distance Family Members described numerous concerns about how to maintain their lives at home, which often included ...


Communication: Direct To Digital

­ Personal Communication Over the last 25 years, there is no question that technology has significantly impacted the way that people communicate with each. The reliance on face-to-face interaction, telephone conversation or mail delivery to keep in contact with family at a distance has been augmented or replaced by an ...


Palliative Care


Family: Traditional to Diverse

Fading Traditions What was once understood of the definition of the traditional Canadian nuclear family—consisting of a married man and woman, with biological children, that stay married for the duration of their lives—is long gone. The family model, once defined by the man who went to work to financially support his ...