The Daughter From California

The “Daughter from California” is a categorization that emerged late in the secondary research, with the surfacing of two articles, “Distance Caregiving a Parent with Cancer” and “Lack of Communication and Control: Experiences of Distance Caregivers of Parents with Advanced Cancer,” led by Polly Mazanec, a PhD ...


Personal Pressures

It is not surprising that the weight of responsibility that distance family members feel towards their home life is both a significant consideration and a barrier to visiting their loved one in person. Distance Family Members described numerous concerns about how to maintain their lives at home, which often included ...


Communication: Direct To Digital

­ Personal Communication Over the last 25 years, there is no question that technology has significantly impacted the way that people communicate with each. The reliance on face-to-face interaction, telephone conversation or mail delivery to keep in contact with family at a distance has been augmented or replaced by an ...


Palliative Care